We do general repairs to stainless steel equipment (seam welding and tig welding), as well as any sub-contracting work that requires the use of the equipment below.

photo: Davy-United press

Davy-United hydraulic press

Can press stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass, aluminium, etc.

Max. Pressure: 1500 tons
Dimensions of Bed: width:1600mm
Daylight Opening: 200mm
photo: Kimura seam-welder   
Kimura three phase stainless steel seam welder

Model: SER-100-BG
Date: 1982
Weight: 1200 kg
Primary Voltage: 380 V
Max. Welding Current: 18000 A
Max. Input: 100 kVA
Cooling Water: 15 l/min.
Rated Capacity: 100 kVA
Frequency: 50 Hz
Max. Electrode Force: 600 kgf
Duty Cycle: 50 %

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