photo: seam welded stainless steel heat exchangerphoto: seam welded stainless steel heat exchangerphoto: seam welded stainless steel heat exchanger  
Weideman Engineering has been the leader in the development and production of heat exchanging system
s since 1976. Currently most South African wine cellars haveWeideman Plates fitted, and additional plates are regularly acquired.

Made from pressed and seam welded stainless steel sheets, the Weideman Heat Exchanger is used for cooling, fermentation, stabilisation or heating of liquids, using water, glycol, refrigerant or steam. It is easy to clean, with no crevices to trap particles of dirt.

Weideman offers a wide variety of uses in the wine and food industries.

The direct cooling or heating in tanks makes Weideman Plates more efficient than dimple jackets or running water over the outside of tanks, because there is minimal temperature loss. The plates cool or heat on both sides simultaneously, therefore resulting in a substantial savings on electricity usage. In the case of jacket cooling or heating, only the energy from one side is utilised, while the other side’s is wasted and lost into the atmosphere.

Dimensions of the Weideman Seam Welded Heat Exchanger


Width:200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 560mm or 750mm
Length:500mm – 6000mm


Advantages of the Weideman Seam Welded Heat Exchanger


  • A dry cellar — no water wastage or dampness.
  • Made from stainless steel (grade 316), which is corrosion resistant and hygienic.
  • Closed system with minimal heat loss using small quantity of coolant.
  • Used with high-pressure spray nozzles, fast cleaning and sterilising during product change-over is ensured. No dismantling, no gaskets and no messy spillage.
  • Low temperature cooling with glycol to -5°C and with water as coolant to 4°C.
  • Space saving compared with standard heating or cooling coils.
  • Can be made to almost any shape or design.
  • Greater strength due to modern seam welding techniques.
  • Pressures up to 1 000 kPa.
  • Provision is made for airlocks.
  • Can be built-in as part of an existing plant.
  • Lightness for handling and easy installation.
  • Time-tested for over 30 years.


photo: wine barrel heat exchanger

Weideman Wine Barrel Heat Exchangers are modelled on the Weideman Heat Exchangers (see detailed description above) and manufactured to clients’ requirements.

The double seam welded, stainless steel heat exchanger comes as one compact unit that fits into a barrel plug. Weideman Wine Barrel Heat Exchangers allow breathing and are, like the Weideman Heat Exchangers, very easy to clean.


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